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Select Publications

KM Langin, TS Sillett, WC Funk, SA Morrison, MA Desrosiers, and CK Ghalambor. 2015. Islands within an island: repeated adaptive divergence in a single populationEvolution 69: 653-665

HR Sofaer, TS Sillett, KM Langin, SA Morrison, and CK Ghalambor. 2014. Partitioning the sources of demographic variation reveals density-dependent nest predation in an island bird populationEcology and Evolution 4: 2738-2748

KM Langin, MW Reudink, PP Marra, DR Norris, TK Kyser, and LM Ratcliffe. 2007. Hydrogen isotopic variation in migratory bird tissues of known origin: implications for geographic assignmentOecologia 152: 449-457

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Select Media Articles

K Langin. The Importance of Small Change: On Beaks and Biodiversity on Island California, Boom: A Journal of California

K Langin. Gal√°pagos Sea Lion Sons Are Mama's Boys, National Geographic News

K Langin. The Perils of Aging: A Problem for Citizen Science?, National Geographic News

K Langin. Genetic Engineering to the Rescue Against Invasive Species?, National Geographic News

K Langin. Fish-Eating Spiders Can Catch Prey 5 Times Their SizeNational Geographic News

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